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  • What makes it Fitness Sauce?
    - What makes Fitness Sauce truly fitness-friendly is we’ve eliminated added sugars, significantly reduced salt, and removed all artificial preservatives, creating the ideal complement to any healthy meal.
  • What makes us different?
    Unlike competitors' hot sauces, which are primarily vinegar-based, Fitness Sauce stands out by being crafted with 100% natural fruits and unique recipes deeply rooted in diverse ethnic heritages. This distinctive approach not only sets us apart but also provides consumers with healthier and more flavorful options to enhance their favorite dishes.
  • Who uses Fitness Sauce?
    Exercise Enthusiasts Athletes People on a Diet Dietitians Vegans People on Keto, Paleo, and DASH diet People with Dietary Restrictions (e.g., salt, sugar, gluten, and cholesterol)
  • How to use Fitness Sauce?
    Marinating Cooking Grilling Dipping
  • What foods does Fitness Sauce compliment best?
    Salads Vegetables Meats and Poultry Eggs Seafood Tacos Rice/ Poke bowls

Most Frequently Asked Questions

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