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Origin Story

I'm Paula Brignoni, founder of Fitness Sauce. I'm excited to share the story of how my dad's passion for hot sauce and my commitment to fitness inspired the creation of Fitness Sauce.

The journey began in 2016 when my dad, a hot sauce connoisseur, grew tired of the lackluster fruit hot sauces on the market. Frustrated with their acidic taste and absence of real fruit flavor, he embarked on creating his own product line—Fire Fruits. Notably, Fire Fruits earned multiple Scovie awards. Becoming a standout in the highly competitive Hot Sauce industry.

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Despite the advice from our "friends" on Shark Tank to prioritize online retail, my dad chose the challenging path of selling to brick-and-mortar retail stores. Although Fire Fruits successfully entered over 2,000 retail locations, the distributor's upcharges and high retail space costs became overwhelming for my father, leading him to shutting down the business.

Determined to revive his passion, I couldn't stand by and watch. With time on my hands during the pandemic, I envisioned a product that could cater to athletes, offering added flavor to meals without compromising their dietary goals. After reviewing the recipes, I removed added sugar, relying on the natural sweetness of the fruits. I significantly reduced the salt and eliminated all artificial preservatives, creating the perfect complement to any healthy meal.

Recognizing a gap in the fitness industry, we understood that it wasn't the fitness side but the food aspect that posed challenges. People were consuming protein shakes and monotonous servings of plain chicken, boiled broccoli, and bland rice, only to succumb to Friday night pizza binges, hindering their progress.

Our Solution

We thought, "Why not create a product that sparks joy, taste, and flavor while also being healthy and macro-friendly, ensuring it complements a fit lifestyle or people following a diet?"


Our Commitment

At Fitness Sauce, we’re committed to making healthy food tasty food. We refuse to compromise when it comes to ensuring that our sauce stands out as the cleanest and healthiest option on the market. Crafted from 100% natural fruits and ingredients, our sauce bursts with invigorating aromas of pineapple, lime, orange, and more.

Our goal is to cater to the entire health and fitness community. Our sauce offerings span from zero to high spice levels, featuring sweet flavors and tangy goodness. Whether drizzling it on eggs or using it to marinate chicken, we're committed to delivering flavor, taste, and fun without any additional additives.

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